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Dewdrop - Feng Shui

Dewdrop - Feng Shui
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Swarovski Dewdrop:   The early morning dewdrop is at its best just after sunrise.  It gleams & shimmers in the sunlight as you see tiny prism rainbows scattered everywhere on the grass & tree leaves!  Forming mostly on surfaces such as grass, leaves, railings, car roofs, and bridges, the dewdrop is actually water in the form of a tiny droplet.   You'll only see dewdrops in the morning or evening too!  As objects radiate their heat back after sunset, they lose heat faster than the air can evaporate it, thus a tiny dewdrop forms (called condensation)!  And in winter, the dew is called frost!

Capture the gleaming glittering effects of the morning dewdrop with our Swarovski Feng Shui Dewdrop!  It is so awesome!  Available in 1 size in Clear & AB coating, this little guy really throws off a lot of rainbows and enhances the necessary good chi energy vital for proper Feng Shui practice!  Each Dewdrop is a quality inexpensive gift which will last for years too!

Being a Swarovski crystal, you know the clarity, craftsmanship, and value are there as well!  Makes a great gift idea!

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