Boat - Cruise Ship

Boat - Cruise Ship
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Swarovski Crystal Cruise Ship:  The term for taking a cruise today is Cruising.  By 2013, Cruising has a sizable portion of the tourism industry, boasting millions of passengers each year!  Part of the allure of taking a cruise today is, not just the voyage itself, but taking advantage of all the amenities onboard these incredible vessels!  With the modern advancements of shipbuilding coupled with the technology of today, these ships have literally become floating cities/hotels complete with bowling alleys (strange, but true as you are on an ocean), movie theatres, many nightclubs, food (and plenty of it), and so much more!   Their size alone can put this into better terms.  They can be as long as 3 or 4 football fields and carry as many as 3000 passengers!

At Crystal Emporium, we wanted to handcraft a Cruise ship in Swarovski crystal.  In order to do it right, it had to be large like the real thing.  Well, THIS cruise ship is 8" or 200mm in length!  It's heavy too as you can feel the full-lead content of Swarovski's finest.   From bow to stern, there is excellent detail - The anchor in front, to the 3-tier bridge, to the top where the smokestack & aerodynamic fin are visible.  All the window/portholes throughout distort that this piece is 8" in length!   Makes a great gift for that special person or couple who love cruising!

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