Swarovski Trademark Logo


The Swarovski Trademark 



         When you order a Swarovski crystal prism from Crystal Emporium, you will not only get a Crystal that is the finest, optically-pure, full-leaded crystal in the world, but one that has an unlimited supply of beautiful rainbows prisms when displayed in the sun!  This treasured crystal will virtually last forever for generations to enjoy & cherish!

         If you look very closely near the “eyehole” of a Swarovski crystal, you will see a tiny mark.   Some of our customers, who are not familiar with Swarovski, believe their prism has a “chip” or imperfection, but it is FAR from the truth & NOT a flaw!   Upon closer inspection, you will see a tiny pagoda-shaped pattern (see picture above) which is the Swarovski Laser-Etched Trademark!   It is called the Strass logo.

         Due to the growing number of crystal manufacturers throughout the world who've copied the faceted patterns (or cuts) from Swarovski's prisms, they wanted to distinguish their quality, integrity, craftsmanship & reputation of their prism line from the competition by putting their trademark within the crystal.

         Although they’ve been doing this now for a few years, NOT ALL prisms will have this mark!

Additionally, since there were hundreds of thousands of prisms manufactured by Swarovski BEFORE this took effect, NOT ALL PRISMS will have this logo.   Currently, only the 8000 series has this mark.  The 6000 series does not.   Please be aware of this.