Specialty Coatings

Specialty Coatings
Specialty  Coatings


Nearly all of our hanging Crystals & Prisms are “Crystal-Clear”, however you may also choose from a variety of 4 specialty coatings.  Each coating is a thin opaque layer chemically-applied to the surface of each crystal which, depending on the coating, enhances its own unique color pattern.  It adds brilliance, and accents each sparkle in the sunlight!   Each coated crystal & prism will still produce dazzling rainbows!   Try one today!!!


A picture of each coating can be found on the page - Spectrum Color Chart


Aurora Borealis


Our most popular!  This is a 24K Gold coating bonded permanently to usually 1 side of the crystal.  It appears gold against black, is light & subtle in appearance, yet iridescent in color.  Accents the light in & through each facet of the crystal.

Bermuda Blue


This coating is a very deep blue, similar to turquoise.  Depending on the light, it throws shades of blue, lavender, indigo, & purple color tones.   It's truly beautiful, however it is slowly getting phased away.

Vitrail Light


A few of our crystals are available with this unique coating.  It produces shades of pink, lavender, and light blues.  Soft and pleasing to the eye, the resulting rainbows are not as vibrant as the projected rainbow pattern is more of pastel colors.

Vitrail Medium



This brilliantly-colored coating produces deep green, fuchsia, and magenta tones with sunlight.  It is very similar to the "Peacock" color you would see in our paperweight section.