Austrian Starfish

Austrian Starfish
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Austrian Starfish:   There are nearly 2000 kinds of sea stars, and they live on ocean bottoms all around the world!  Sea stars are found in waters both cold and warm, shallow and deep.   Many people call them starfish.   But they aren't really fish at all! Sea stars are echinoderms (eh-KY-nuh-derms).   That name means 'spiny- skinned.'  The spines on sea stars are small and stubby - not long and flashy like those on their cousins, the sea urchins.   Everybody knows what a starfish looks like.   But do you know how cool they are?  A sea star has a mouth, but no head!  It can squeeze out its stomach to get a meal!  And it can sometimes grow a twin of itself from one of its arms!  It is a process called regeneration.

We think the starfish is pretty cool too!  Introduced a couple years ago, the Starfish has become a sought-after collectable in a short time!   We offer this beautiful piece in 3 sizes - 20mm (perfect for pendants), a 28mm size which is perfect for the rearview mirror in your car or also as a pendant, and 40mm, which is perfect for that favorite sunlit window in your display collection!  All 3 sizes come in Clear & AB coated.  Additionally, we also offer Alexandrite in all 3 sizes as well!  This is genuine Austrian crystal, made from 32% full-leaded crystal.  With the proper TLC, this crystal starfish will last a virtual lifetime!  Get yours today!

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