Maintenance & Cleaning

Crystal Cleaning & Maintenance

Crystal is truly represented best when displayed in the sunlight.

To maximize the effects, we offer you some excellent suggestions on the proper care, cleaning & maintenance of your crystal.

If you have any great cleaning ideas that you want to share, let us know!




      Rinse your crystal in warm water then dry with cotton or silk material.   At most dealers or at any

         Swarovski retail store, you can buy special cleaning & handling gloves.  They are made of a special

         cotton, fit well to your hands, and are extremely flexible.  You can also buy a Swarovski cleaning kit,

         which has the gloves and a special brush.  It is fabulous for those hard-to-reach areas!  It is

         important to mention that you should clean the gloves periodically depending on the frequency of use.

      Most common glass cleaners do an excellent job as well.  Even Vinegar is a great cleaning agent too!

      We discovered this a while back and its exceptional for cleaning any Crystal, Prism, or Jewelry!   Fill a

          clean bottle with car windshield fluid.  then place the piece(s) you want cleaned onto a layer of paper

          towels, spray them down really well, then let them drip-dry.  That's it!  Sparkling clean with NO damage,

          handling, or slipping!   The reason behind this is that car windshield fluid contains a fast-drying agent

          that evaporates the cleaning fluid quickly.  It also is a stronger cleaner than the average glass cleaners.

          If any dust particles remain, simply use a common hairdryer on the "cool" setting and blow them off.




      *  Never wash or soak your crystal in the sink!   It could easily fall down the drain or slip.

       *  Never  wash your crystal in the dishwasher!   It'll most likely fall through causing damage to, not only

          your dishwasher, but the chances of your crystal(s) chipping, breaking, or smashing is extremely high!

       Never clean your crystal or prisms with any type of abrasive cleaner, powder, or homemade

           concoction!  This will, not only leave scratches, but dull the clarity & refractive properties of the crystal.

       Never clean your crystal with any type of abrasive material such as a scrubbie pad, Brillo pad, or

           similar substance.  Again, it will certainly leave scratch marks and ruin your crystal forever.