Swarovski Feng Shui Ball

Swarovski Feng Shui Ball
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Swarovski Ball / Sphere - Feng Shui edition: Talk about a crystal prism literally tailor-made for producing rainbows!!! Previously shown, the classic Ball / Sphere is a wonderful prism maker! It contains 4 rows of faceted triangles. This Sphere prism has 7 rows of faceted triangles or more than 240 prism-making facets! The more rows, the more sunlight refraction within. The result is an awesome extraordinary display of prism rainbows which shatter the room with color!

In our opinion, this is the KING of rainbow prisms! Due to its popularity, we have 5 sizes for you to choose from and all in CL & AB coating. We even carry a number of great colors like Blue Violet (BV), Dark Sapphire (DS), Light Peridot (LP), Light Topaz (LT), Medium Sapphire (MS), Rosalin (RO), & Violet (VI) and they're all avaible in the 40mm size!

This Feng shui ball/sphere is one of our most popular crystals because of its abundant prism making abilities, but also for it's metaphysical philosophies as well. This is a perfect crystal ball for maximizing the required "chi" energy for harmony around you. Whether you are a novice or master of Feng Shui principles, you will find this Swarovski Feng Shui Ball prism and others for the Feng Shui lifestyle on our Feng Shui page in our Prism section. To read about the Feng Shui beliefs and see how crystal is important in your life, see our Feng Shui page on our main site here. Treat yourself to the best rainbow maker!

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