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          Feng Shui (pronounced FUNG SCHWAY or SCHWEE ) is the combination of ancient Eastern Art & Science of creating a balanced & harmonious living and/or working environments.  Developed over 3000 years ago in China, it is a powerful system of practical guidelines & boundaries for creating positive changes & results in one's life.


          Feng Shui, meaning literally "wind water", uses the ancient Chinese philosophy of nature by understanding the relationships between nature & ourselves so that we might live in harmony within our environment.  It is also related to the equally sensible notion that our lives are deeply affected by our physical & emotional environs.  If we surround ourselves with violence, sorrow, contempt & indifference toward life & nature, we will corrupt ourselves in the process.  If we surround ourselves with beauty, love, kindness, sympathy, music & various expressions of the sweetness of life, we ennoble or elevate ourselves as well as our environment.  Thus, Feng Shui is related to the very sensible notion that living with rather than against nature benefits both humans and our environment.


          To achieve this perfect harmony with nature and its surroundings, one must create an atmosphere for allowing good, vital, positive energy to surround you called Chi (pronounced CHEE), while eliminating the negative or hard energy called sha or poison arrows.  Creating a Chi-enriched environment will create good fortune, harmonious relationships, & vital health for you and your guests.

          Alleged masters of Feng Shui are supposed to be able to detect metaphysical energies and give directions for their optimal flow.  Feng Shui has become a kind of architectural acupuncture.  They use their metaphysical sensors to detect the flow of good and bad "energy”.  These “masters-for-hire” declare where bathrooms should go, which way doorways should face, where mirrors should hang, which room needs green plants & which one needs red flowers, which direction the head of the bed should face, etc.  They decide these things on the basis of their feel for the flow of chi, electromagnetic fields, or whatever other form of energy the client will worry about.  Feng Shui has become an aspect of interior decorating in the Western world.  In fact, many prestigious companies, corporations, or businessmen, such as Donald Trump, consult with Feng Shui practitioners to enhance overall business success, customer satisfaction and employee morale. 


          For the not-so-wealthy normal folks like us, the 1st step to creating a harmonious home environment is to understand how the Chi energy flows through your home.  It is important to notice where the energy is blocked, stagnant, cluttered, or too open.  An enhancement could be as simple as a new table centerpiece.  Fruit signifies a wish for prosperity and bamboo for the continuation of that prosperity into the future.  Through many centuries of experience, Feng Shui practitioners have developed tools to aid in the practice of their craft.


Swarovski Feng Shui Ball
Swarovski Ellipse
Austrian Energy Gate
Swarovski Energy Gate


At Crystal Emporium, we hope you will use these 9 fundamentals in your Feng Shui practice.   Many of these tools are traditional or have definite associations with ancient Chinese philosophies, which are only fitting.

9 Feng Shui  Enhancements


1.  Bright or Light-refracting objects:
Mirrors, crystal balls, lights, etc.  Reflective objects, lights, mirrors & faceted full-leaded crystal prisms increase or reflect light (energy).   In natural earth crystals, being a product of the earth, they signify stability and are more subtle & more complex, however, they tend to not refract light well.  However, full-leaded, highly-faceted crystal prisms refract the sun’s natural light & energy.  Any area that needs energizing will benefit from the addition of crystals, particularly if located in places where they can refract natural light.  This will all be more thoroughly mentioned later.  Examples:  Mirrors, Crystal Balls & Prisms, & lights, whether colored or not.

2.  Colors:
Colors have special associations & emotional impact that relate to specific objects & shapes.  Seen as pure energy, color is used to bring the five elements, balance & vitality to rooms.  The 5 elements & Colors will be discussed more thoroughly later.

3.  Sounds & Smells:
The vibrations of music, especially soothing peaceful  sounds, wind chimes, & bells, move and circulate Chi energy.  Additionally, the sense of smell can greatly enhance or deplete a space.  You can enhance your space with aromas in many simple ways to create a change in your life.  The use of incense can bring about a positive change, as well as many candles that have some oils mixed right in them.  Please be aware that some people do not like the smell of incense, so this would not be a good choice for a place of business.   Examples:  Wind chimes, Bells, Water flowing, Incense & aromas.

4.  Living objects & plants:
Flowers, plants (real or artificial), Bonsai, & aquariums have a strong life force that raises the overall chi in a room.  They may also be used to augment one of the eight positions of the Bagua, discussed in more detail later.

5.  Moving objects:
Objects with motion encourage the movement of Chi energy.  Examples would include mobiles, windmills, fountains, windsocks, & whirling weather vanes.

6.  Heavy objects, ­Stones, statues, etc.
To help create more stability and grounded-ness in a room (or in an area of your life), heavy objects such as furniture, statues, & stones may be purposely placed in significant positions.

7.  Electrically-Powered objects:
As electricity circulates through common household items, it adds to the amount of energy circulating in the area of the Bagua in which the electronic item is placed.    Examples:   Air conditioners, Computers, Stereos & Home Theatre systems, TVs, Radios, Clocks, Stoves, Refrigerators, etc.

8.  Bamboo flutes, Arrows, Flagpoles:
Used to raise the moderate Chi, Bamboo is a highly revered plant in the East, providing food, mat floor covering, curtains, beautiful plants and musical instruments.

9.  Others:
Renowned Feng Shui Master Professor Thomas Lin Yun teaches about a highly respected cure.  Basically, any item you own that you really love can be considered a Feng Shui cure because a cure is more about your connection to an item than it is about the item itself.  Beloved gifts, favorite possessions, memorabilia, & inherited belongings, just to name a few, may be placed in meaningful positions to act as Feng Shui adjustments.


Mapping Out Good Fortune: The Bagua

          As mentioned above, mirrors are one of the most utilized cures for Feng Shui ailments because they are so versatile.  Mirrors can be used to reflect and attract energy.  They are also used to bring things together.  Anyone who practices Feng Shui knows the most vital of all tools is the Bagua. 

          The Bagua (pronounced BAH GWAH) or Pagua Mirror is an 8-sided mirror (think of a Stop sign) and is the basic map of Feng Shui.  It comes from the I-Ching (or known as the Book of Changes), the ancient Chinese book of divination.   Each side represents an area of life or treasures which need to be cultivated to live in balance & harmony.   These treasures of life are:

  • Career
  • Travel
  • Creatvity
  • Helping People
  • Fame & Reputation
  • Love & Relationships
  • Wealth, Health, & Family
  • Knowledge & Self Cultivation

          The Bagua is used to map out homes & offices and locate the areas that correspond to the various treasures.  Therefore, each area of your home or work environment has a profound significance & meaning.  According to Feng Shui principles, all aspects of life are significantly enriched & strengthened when the Bagua of the home & workplace has been properly mapped out & enhanced, preferably by a Master Feng Shui practitioner.

The Power of the protective Bagua potency lies in the arrangement of 4 key ingredients:

1.   The 5 Elements:    Fire, Earth, Metal, Water & Wood.   These 5 elements are used extensively to enhance positive chi & correct negative chi to promote balance & harmony in your home and workspace.  Each element has its own chi characteristics and thus, interacts with other phases in different ways.  Fire chi rises, Earth chi revolves, Metal chi contracts, Water chi falls, & Wood chi expands.  How the 5 phases interact with one another determines the balance of qi in nature, in our living/working space, & in our beings.

2.   The 8 Trigrams:     The 8 Trigrams represent the 8 phenomena which are present amongst us in the form of solid (yang) & broken (yin) lines called trigrams.  A Solid line represents motion, elevation, hard, & strong images.  A Broken line represents stillness, depression, soft and weak images.

The LEFT column denotes (from top to bottom):   Mountain, Marsh, Wind, & Thunder.

The RIGHT column denotes (from top to bottom):   Earth, Water (or Moon), Fire (or Sun), & Sky.

3.   The Luoshu Diagram:    The Luoshu diagram (or the Luo River writing), on the other hand, was a pattern of black (yin) & white (yang) dots inscribed on a turtle's shell found by Yu the Great, founder of China's first dynasty Xia (2100BC).  The diagram denotes motion, transformation, and interaction of Natural & Human chi forces.


4.   A small mirror in the center:   The mirror could be Flat, Concave, or Convex according to principles of science based on light reflection.  A Concave mirror curves inward and absorbs the bad chi.    A Convex mirror curves outward and reflects all harmful chi away.  Flat mirrors are neutral.   We advise using the concave mirror in order not to hurt or harm your surroundings.  Hurting your neighbors & surrounding neighborhood would bring bad karma & may affect your personal luck in the future.

All of the above 4 principles were then combined during the Han Dynasty (206BC – 220AD) into an integrated whole known as Bagua.   A genuine Bagua mirror would have all these. 

BEWARE !!!    Baguas can only be placed  OUTDOORS!!! 

Baguas placed indoor can be deadly & harmful to us!

They should be placed at the "points of entry of bad chi" into homes such as at the external portion of doors and windows.

Feng  Shui  Colors

          COLOR can affect people physically, emotionally & psychologically.  By using one or more Feng Shui colors, you can strengthen the elements of Feng Shui.  Feng Shui colors are divided into the cool (Yin) & warm (Yang) areas because all things possess these 2 components and their balance creates wholeness.  The guiding principle in using Feng Shui colors should be to achieve balance rather than excess.  Whether you are planning the color scheme of your home, office, garden or personal appearance, the following characteristics of the Feng Shui colors will give you insight into how they can be used in decorating your space & achieving the best balance.


Black (Yin) - Symbolizing money & income, black is great for careers, especially when combined with metal.  It is the color of emotional protection & power.


Blue (Yin) - Calm & soothing, blue reflects love as it heals & relaxes.  It creates a feeling of peace & trust.  It is tranquil & calming.  It is the color of the sea & sky, so it tends to represent adventure & exploration.  Navy blue is the color of intellect and wisdom.


Brown (Yang) - Brown is the color of Industry, being grounded & hard-working.


Gold (Yang) - It is the color of God’s consciousness.


Gray (Yin) - Gray is neither black nor white.  It is the color representing dead and dull.


Green (Yin) - Green is refreshing, nurturing, balancing & normalizing as in being surrounded by the lush green of nature.   It is the color of harmony, balance, healing & health; physical, emotional & spiritual. The color is good for growth & expansion because it is peaceful and calming.


Lavender (Yang) – Lavender is the color of sexual indecision.  It suggests an ability to be manipulated.


Maroon (Yang) - Being neither red nor blue, maroon represents indecisiveness.


Mauve (Yang) – Mauve is the color of world consciousness.


Orange (Yang) - Orange is the color of organization for it strengthens concentration.  You might need this when your creative well runs dry.  It gives you a sense of purpose.


Pink (Yin) - The color of love.


Purple (Yin) - Purple, like blue, is the spiritual end of the color spectrum.  It boosts spiritual awareness and is excellent for physical & mental healing.  It is the color of royalty.


Red (Yang) - This is the color of good fortune as it attracts recognition & respect for the person who uses it, especially in the winter.  It is a color of confidence and is the color of luck, money, joy, protection, & self awareness.


Silver (Yin) – Silver is the color of the trustworthy & the romantic.


Tan/Beige (Yang) – Tan represents the color of the earth, portrays neatness, & helps conceal emotions.


White (Yang) - Poised & confident, white works better when it is combined with gold or silver to generate an atmosphere of influence and control.  White is the color of purity, goodness, & trustworthiness.

Yellow (Yang) - Considered as favorable as red, yellow represents sunbeams, warmth, & motion.  This color can make you feel cheerful.  However, according to a noted color consultant, prolonged exposure to large amounts of intense yellow can cause anxiety.  Yellow is the color of communication, health, happiness, & friendliness.


Crystals  &  Feng Shui

          As mentioned above in the enhancement section, crystals play an important role in Feng Shui.  Crystals are a cure for any of your life areas and are able to radiate light into the home.  They are able to break up the chi energy in the home effortlessly by illuminating it while dispersing the negative chi then replacing it with vibrant chi from the sun.  Crystals have been used for healing the body, transforming the spirit, inspiring intuitive insight, guarding against negative vibrations, and smoothing the energy flows of spirit and body.  Crystals can be used to energize a home or room, cleanse, purify & uplift, bring clarity in your life, increase your prosperity, create harmony in relationships, amplify creative energy into new projects and so much more!   It increases the balance of Yang which brings a healthier frame of mind and body.  There are 2 types of Crystals which a Feng Shui practitioner would use:  Natural Quartz and Full-leaded Crystals.


          The clear quartz crystal, found naturally in the Earth, is one of the most sacred stones of ancient cultures.  Its clarity & transparency give it a mirror-quality through which things can be seen clearly. The natural quartz crystal symbolizes white light energy.  Clear quartz crystals have been used for centuries in healing.  Egyptians used them in pyramids to attract the power contained in light because their triangular shapes held mystical appeal.  American Indians have long revered the crystal as a sacred symbol of light using them to cut a newborn's cord and in many ceremonies & rituals.  In the Tibetan culture, crystals are considered sacred objects that are empowered with the elements.


          Many cultures carry them in pouches for protection from negativity.  The power of the crystal can be found in its structure - growing and reaching up toward light from the deepest parts of earth.  It is a conductor of energy - both as a receiver & transmitter.  Quartz crystals are unique natural forms which resonate and are capable of resonating in harmony with another form.  It’s important to keep your crystal clean in order to protect it from outside negative vibrations.  If you’re serious about Feng Shui, it is best to avoid the “cheap” crystals such as plastic.  They may be used as a cure but they are less powerful and are unable to transform the chi properly.  The whole premise for crystals is to have them bring in the natural energy of the sun in order to transform and clear the space.

          On the other hand, full-leaded crystals are one of the most commonly used cures and they produce amazing results!  When sunlight hits these beautiful crystals, beams of colored light radiate in all directions activating the chi energy.  Although crystals come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, & shapes, the best color is really NO color at all.  Transparent or clear is the best and the ideal shape is round.  No jagged edges to produce poison arrows.  Use the crystal with the jagged edges for healing.  In Feng Shui, faceted crystal balls or spheres are used to expand the energy of an area.  Each facet spreads, radiates, & enhances the refracted light in different directions which is the reason why you should use them to expand areas that are otherwise tight, dark, & close.  Use them in narrow hallways, or to energize an empty feeling, “flat”, or dull area.  They are also used to give good energy and raise the chi of the relationship or prosperity areas, or to help draw in helpful people in your home or office environment.  In essence, in Feng Shui, different parts of the room or house reflect different areas of your life.   Placing appropriate crystals in a specific place can powerfully transform the aspect of your life that corresponds to that area creating a more enriched, stable, and peaceful setting.

          At Crystal Emporium, we have a wide selection of Swarovski Feng Shui ball/sphere prisms which are perfect for your metaphysical practices!  Unlike the standard ball prism which has 4-5 horizontal rows of facets, our Feng Shui ball prism has 7 rows, which provide greater refraction of the sun’s light thereby producing much more chi transformation along with an awe-inspiring colorful lightshow!  Any size is fine too!  Choose a size that fits within your budget along with the appropriate placement of the crystal in the room.  Your personal crystals will attune themselves to your vibrations, as you will attune to the natural vibrations of the crystal.  Choose crystals that seem to speak to you (or you feel attracted to) for best results.

          With an understanding of Feng Shui principles, you can instinctively create a beautiful, harmonious space in your home, yard, career, & other life areas.  Finding effective enhancements and applying them properly is vital to the practice of Feng Shui.  What do you do to improve your chances of getting a job, selling a house or finding romance?   Sometimes the remedies are simple & uncomplicated which involve only moving a piece of furniture, repositioning a picture on a wall, or adding the right crystal to the area.  In other extreme cases when the budget permits, new construction, landscaping, or even demolition is necessary.  Most of the time, however, people want to make as few alterations to their home as possible, so an enhancement must be introduced.  An enhancement involves bringing in an object that will alter the energy of a space and create new and beneficial associations in the mind of the occupant.  In either case, Crystals are an important piece of Feng Shui and beautiful in ANY area of your life!