Crystal Golf Ball

Crystal Golf Ball
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Although many golfers think that the clubs are the key part of the game, the golf ball is equally as important.


TypesThe 3 types of golf balls are:   2-piece, multi-layered & high-performance.  The 2 piece golf balls have a hard cover & solid inner core.& are created for distance & durability; more suitable for beginners.  A multi-layered golf ball possess a liquid or solid core with a molded rubber outer core.   It's cover is softer and designed for higher spin rates.  The high-performance golf ball combines a high-spin capability & distance for the low-handicap golfer.


Covers:   Golf Ball covers vary depending on the type of golf game.  Surlyn is a hard resin cover that is a popular choice among the majority of golfers and is used more for distance driving.  Balata is a rubber-like material, is softer than surlyn, and provides more spin & feel off of the club for the golfer.  Elastomer is a rubber covering that provides the combination of surlyn & balata, offering spin and durability and is designed more for the low-handicap golfer.


Compression:   The compression of a golf ball is equated to the "hardness" and is based on the numbers 80, 90, & 100.  The softer core 80 is more spring-like and is utilized more by women, beginners, & seniors.  The 90 compression ball is harder and is the most popular while the 100 is more for the advanced golfer.


Size & Weight:   The USGA (United States Golf Association) required that all golf balls not weigh more than 1.62 oz. and be at least 1.68" in diameter.


Dimples:   The dimples on golf balls serve a huge purpose and are key to launching them into the air as they create the aerodynamic lift needed for distance.  Dimples are traditionally spherical, but some companies have tested hexagonal dimples in an attempt to optimize trajectory, distance and control.  The number of dimples can vary from as little as 325 to as high as 1,000, but most golf balls have 336 to 500 dimples, with the ideal range being between 380 - 432.  According to the USGA, the number of dimples on a ball does not affect distance.


* * *    Did you know?    * * *

1.   A ball hit off a tee travels roughly 160 mph!

2.   Since 1900, there have been more than 5,000 patents granted for golf balls!

3.   The first golf balls were called featheries;  They were sewn balls containing chicken or goose feathers that came undone with repeated contact.

At Crystal Emporium, our golf ball is made from 100% full-leaded crystal and is made from the Waterford Crystal Company.   It is 55mm high (2") and 58mm (2.25") in diameter. and it's self-standing too due to its flat bottom!   You will definitely score a hole-in-one as it makes a great gift or keepsake for that special golfer in your life!

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