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Crystal Saxophone -   The Saxophone (also referred to as the Sax) is one of the newest members in the musical spectrum of instruments, however, you have to go back just over 150 years to trace its origin.


           But you would have to go back nearly 200 years to Belgium, November 1814, when Antoine-Joseph (Adolphe) Sax was born.   His father, Charles-Joseph Sax was an expert instrument maker & decided to move his family & business to Brussels for prosper times.    By the time he was 6, Adolphe was fast becoming an accomplished musician of the flute & clarinet, as well as an experienced instrument maker, honing his craft from his father.   In his early teens, Adolphe was well aware of the tonal disparity between strings & woodwinds, and that between woodwinds & brasses.   The Strings were overpowered by the woodwinds, which were overblown by the brasses.   Sax wanted an instrument that would balance all 3 sections; an instrument having the projection of a brass & the agility of a woodwind.   He created an instrument with a single reed mouthpiece like a clarinet, a conical brass body of the then-popular Ophicleide, and the acoustic properties of both the French horn & Clarinet.   Hence, the Saxophone was born.


           His first Sax, a C-bass was introduced to a professional musician/composer Hector Berlioz in 1941, where he raved about it!    In 1842, Sax moved to Paris, to promote his instrument to orchestras & other musicians.    Several sizes & versions were developed before he was granted a patent on June 28, 1846.   Back then, the patent covered 14 versions of the fundamental design, split into 2 categories of 7 instruments ranging from sopranino to contrabass.    Over time, many became obsolete, leaving the series pitched in B-flat (Tenor) & E-flat (Alto), the most popular Sax’s today.   By 1847, a year after the patent, the first Saxophone school was started where he was a professor.


           In 1866, Sax’s patent expired.   Within a short period of time, numerous manufacturers implemented their own improvements to the instrument.    One of the first major design changes was by a French manufacturer who extended the bell slightly & added an extra key to extend the range downward.   The other came place another 75 years later.   In order to play dance music and compete with the noise of the trumpets, drums, shuffling feet, & normal conversation levels, the mouthpiece was made smaller & more parallel.   This gave the Sax more sound projection.


           Most saxophones, from long ago until today, are made from brass, however, it has always been part of the Woodwind family due to the sound waves, which are produced by the oscillating reed (like a clarinet), not the lips against a mouthpiece as in a brass instrument, as well as the opening & closing of the keys.   The most important feature on the Sax is the mouthpiece & reed.   Most use reeds made from Arundo Donax cane, but since the 1900’s, some are made from fiberglass or other composites.    As for the mouthpiece, it is larger than the one used on the clarinet, and has a wider inner chamber.   Most today are made from hard rubber (ebonite), plastic, & metals like bronze or surgical steel.


           The Sax today “plays” an important role in nearly every type of today’s genre’s including military, symphonic, big band, movie scoring, blues, soul, jazz, & of course rock.    Some famous Sax players include John Coltrane, Kenny G, David Sanborn, Clarence Clemons (Bruce Springteen’s E-Street bandmate), Bill Clinton (ex-President), King Curtis, David Bowie, & Eddie Money.   At Crystal Emporium, we are proud to offer this cool Crystal Sax! It stands 6.5” tall or 160mm & the detail is very good!   Makes a great gift for that gifted Sax person in your life!

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