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Over 1000 years ago, North Africa & the Middle East had an instrument called the ud or oud, and consisted of just 4 strings.  It is still played today!  In Arabic, "alud" means "the wood", and this is where the word "Lute" got its name.  European lutes evolved from the ud differently by size, shape, stringing, & tuning due to newer technology.  In the 1500's, during the middle Renaissance, the lute had 6 courses (a course is a piar of strings played together, or as a single string) played witha a plectrum.  The use of a plactrum facilitated the playing of single lines of melody.  This style is popular today.  The new Renaissance trend to play more than 1 line of music at a time (polyphony) was not easy to play with the plectrum and the technique of finger plucking evoleved for lute playing.  It was about this time that music notation appeared, known as tablature, which gives the finger precise placement for the musician.  As better base strings became available, lute makers began to make lutes with 7 courses by 1511.  Soon after, lutes with 8, 9, & 10 courses appeared.  Towards the end of the 17th century, new lutes had more with some having 11-14 courses!  There were alot of sizes & shapes too.  The most common was, and is, often called the mean lute.   Higher pitched ones were known as treble lutes, while lower pitched ones were bass lutes.  In the 20th century, the lute is a rare, but still respected instrument.  England founded the lute society in 1956.  The lute today is still established and engrained in classical music.  Here's a little known fact:  Singer-songwriter Sting also played the lute in his early days as part of his collaborations before forming his band The Police.

At Crystal Emporium, we know music is an important part in our lives.  Each instrument is important, irregardless, and we respect EVERY musician, no matter what instrument they play.  This Austrian Lute is no exception.

Measuring an impressive 130mm (5.25") tall (X) 55mm wide (X) 80mm across, this gorgeous musical masterpiece will surely delight that special musician in your life!   The detail is outstanding, and we did our best to capture its beauty in many of the pictures provided.  And we promise this Lute won't cost a lot of Loot either!   It's a bargain for this full-leaded musical piece and will definitely last hundreds of years like the real instrument!

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