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The Harp has origins dating as far back as 3000 B.C.  Back in that era, harps were very simple being made of 2 pieces:  A Sound Box & a String Arm.  The strings were strung between the two and wound around the string arm.  They were most associated with both the Far & Middle East.  In the West, the harp was given a 3rd piece, a Fore Pillar, thereby making it more triangular.  With the addition of tuning pegs, where the strings were wound around, the more traditional harp emerged.  Around 1700, the Pedal was added to allow for hands-free chromatic adjustments.  About 1800, the double-action pedalharp was invented.  This allowed any string to be raised or lowered to create flat, natural, and sharp tones.  In time, the harps development matured by adding more strings from 5 or 6 up to 47, and adding rods, discs, & pedal redesigns.  The Harp is most revered in the Irish tradition.

Today, the Harp is still admired for its beauty, sound, versatility (orchestral, receptions, teaching, religious services, & choir), and even used as a healing tool due to its tranquility.

At Crystal Emporium, we are proud to offer this beautiful Crystal Harp!  It measures 50mm tall (X) 35mm wide at the top.  There are 8 vertical lines representing the strings.  Just adjacent to the Harp is the Stool.  It is 9mm tall (x) 9mm in diameter.  Lastly, both are mounted on a beveled rounded mirror measuring 60mm in diameter.

The Harp has been around for nearly 5000 years!   This gorgeous, charming musical masterpiece will ALSO be around for years to come!  A harpist is one of the most distinguished musicians and this piece will be a fantastic gift for someone just starting or possibly part of your Crystal Musical menagerie collection.

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