Crystal Musical Instruments


Music - To some, it is called an artform, providing creative expression from our soul.   Others see it as a language all to itself.   In fact, it is many sciences!   For example, musicology, ethnomusicology, biomusicology and zoomusicology!   Music has been instilled in all of us today in some way, shape or form, and it is part of everyday life.

           To fully grasp music from a historical context and appreciate all the genre's of today's generation, we need to go back to neanderthal or caveman days.  They would bang on a rock in unison and Rhythm was discovered.  Soon, one of them would hum and melody was born.  In time, the plucking of a string of bamboo created a note or tone.  And so the instrument was born. 


           The ability to play an instrument (whether a childhood prodigy, had professional lessons, or self-taught) is one of the greatest, most thrilling expressions!  Ask nearly any professional musician and they will say that performing on stage is one of the most natural highs they have experienced.  An instrument, if played correctly, is so beautiful, and that goes for vocals too!  When a musician performs his wizardry, it is listening to a passion so strong, that it really is what feeling sound like!  Music is one of the purest forms of creative expression and will always be around for generations!

At Crystal Emporium, we are so thrilled to offer you Musical Instruments made of beautiful, full-leaded crystal!  Each is a finely detailed handcrafted replica truly worthy of display.  Any of our instruments make great collector's gifts to that special musician or a great splurge gift on yourself!  With the right TLC, it'll last for a lifetime!


Glass Piano
Guitar - Swarovski (NIB & COA)
Harp - Austrian
Harp - Waterford
Lute - Austrian
Lute - Swarovski (NIB & COA)
Piano (w/o Bench)
Piano & Bench
Rock Guitar
Our Violin stands approximately 7" tall