Holiday Crystal


Holiday  Ornaments



          A time to reflect the history & importance of the day itself, and sharing this precious time with our close

friends & relatives.  Whether the holidays are religious in nature or universal, like Mother's Day or Father's

Day, we open our hearts by giving and spreading good will & sentiments to others.  Usually, the ones who

appreciate the holidays the most are the children for the gifts, of course!   However, we ALL appreciate the

love & thoughtfulness when one is given to us.


              Towards the end of the year, the major holidays are focused upon.  Starting with Thanksgiving Day and

ending with New Year's Day, the most sacred religious holidays happen in December.  They are:


               *   Christmas:   Celebrated by Christians & Catholics 

               *   Hanukkah:   Celebrated by Jewish

                 *   Kwanzaa:   Celebrated by African-Americans

           Each crystal holiday piece is a unique & timeless masterpiece of art, craftsmanship, & beauty.  Whether

you choose your favorite or two to give as a gift, or you want just the perfect touch to your holiday season to

keep on display as fantastic conversation piece, each crystal will be a keepsake for years to come!


Austrian Shamrock Prism
Crystal Toe
Swarovski 4 Leaf Clover
Swarovski Snowflake Ornament
Austrian Star of David Ornament