Crystal Balls


Crystal  Balls

Used by Seers, Fortunetellers, Psychics, and Sorcerers, the Crystal Ball is one of the most well-known and popular tools for scrying.  Scrying is the ancient technique of gazing into an object, such as a Crystal Ball or a bowl of water, to foretell the future.  Crystal Balls are ritually cleansed before each use for purification purposes.  When a Crystal Ball is used, scrying is defined as crystallomancy.


History & Lore:  

The history of the Crystal Ball can be traced as far back as the Medieval Period in central Europe (between 500 – 1500 AD).  Highly-polished natural crystals became important tools for scrying because of their inherent transparency and the irregularity of their internal patterns.  Images perceived inside the crystals were interpreted to forecast future events.  Many believed that the energetic fields of these crystals also influenced what the scryer “saw” on a very subtle and often esoteric level.

       The Druids were among the first to gaze into pieces of Beryllium Aluminum Silicate (Beryl), a natural gemstone whose visual characteristics range from transparent to translucent, in order to prophesize the future of kingdoms.  Scottish Highlanders termed these objects “stones of power”.  Early Crystal Balls were made from Beryl and were later replaced by spheres made of rock crystal.  

          Fans of Arthurian Legend are quick to point out that scrying and divination played a key role in the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The great wizard Merlin was purported to be a Druid who used his powers to help the young King Arthur pull the magical sword (Excalibur) from the stone.  Excalibur was a gift from the Viviane, Lady of the Lake, and a legendary priestess of Avalon.  The priestesses from Avalon would use the reflective water from the lake to scry.  Notably In later years, Merlin was imprisoned in his own crystal cave through the treachery and spells of Morgana, Arthur’s own sorceress half-sister.

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