Austrian Beavertail

Austrian Beavertail
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Austrian Crystal Beavertail - Lg:   Did you know that beavers are second only to humans for their ability to change & manipulate the environment around them?  By building and maintaining dams, busy beavers can completely change the vegetation, animal life, and other key components of the watersheds in which they live!  The ponds created by the dams are the beaver's first defense against predators like the lynx and wolf.  Beavers are built for underwater work!  Their noses and ears have valves that close when beavers submerge.  The beaver's large front teeth, or incisors, protrude in front of their lips, enabling them to cut and chew wood.  Their broad tails function as rudders, helping beavers to maneuver large logs to their lodges and dams.

Available in 3 sizes (50, 63, & a very large 100mm) in both Clear & AB coating, this crystal really shines in the sunlight as well!  Rumor has it that Jerry Mathews, who played Theodore Cleaver, "the Beav", on television's Leave It to Beaver, owns a few of these, but we haven't been able to substantiate it at this time, but we have been busy as beavers trying to keep up with the demand for these!

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