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Site Updated:  November - 2014

Crystal Emporium has an impressive inventory featuring over 1000 beautiful crystal pieces.  We specialize in Full-Leaded, Swarovski, Austrian, & European crystal collectibles, figurines and gifts that are sure to delight and dazzle.   We boast a wide assortment of exquisite, handcrafted figurines and holiday ornaments for those times you need a special gift for a special someone, even if that someone is you!

Serious collectors and dedicated gift hunters regularly select from an inventory of sentimental classics and innovative new offerings. The word Emporium in our name signifies our vast diversity and we're always searching for great collectables. 


Dedicated collectors and crystal afficionados everywhere turn to us when they need to find that special one-of-a-kind piece.  Our extensive variety, affordable prices and excellent service are sure to please!


       Whatever the occasion, from weddings, birthdays, holidays, or last minute special surprises, Crystal Emporium has become your #1 place for all your crystal needs by combining great long-lasting collectables, low prices, and great cutomer service!